Welcome to Planet Gary, a small but interesting planet located at the quiet end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy, well, actually just a few miles south of Edinburgh, the Scottish capital. This is where I eat, sleep, work, rest, scoot, walk, collect, snap, watch, spot, cycle, Turf and repeat, as well as posting a few highly inaccurate and miss-spelt words and essentially spend my days doing the things that need to be done, such as getting up in the morning, eating peanut butter on toast for breakfast and all the other hum-drum, sometimes pointless, but otherwise necessary ways and means of staying alive. Having said all that, I mostly take photographs, lots of photographs, in fact, thousands of photographs. I also pedal my fat bicycle, kick my kick scooter, collect sand and go out brick spotting as well as playing the game Turf. Here on Planet Gary, I want to share some of the sights, activities, happening and strange goings-on that are part of Planet Gary, and yes, this blog is all about me, myself, Gary Buckham. Okay, that may sound rather self-centred, I do admit, but then I do have an entire planet named after me and how many people can lay claim to that.

Thank you for visiting, Gary.

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