Welcome to Planet Gary, a small but interesting planet located at the quiet end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy, well, actually just a few miles south of Edinburgh, the Scottish capital city. This is where I eat, sleep, work, rest, scoot, walk, collect, snap, watch, cycle and repeat, essentially where I spend my days doing the things that need to be done, such as getting up in the morning (usually a good idea), going to work (I need the money!) and all the other hum-drum, sometimes pointless, but otherwise necessary ways and means of staying alive. Having said all that, I mostly create photographs, lots of photographs, in fact, thousands of photographs.

Here on Planet Gary, I want to share some of the sights, activities, happening and strange goings-on that are part of the world I see through the lens of a camera, yes, this blog is all about me, myself, Gary Buckham, me and my camera. Okay, that may sound rather self-centred, I do admit, but then I do have an entire planet named after me and how many people can lay claim to that.

Thanks for visiting, Gary.

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