Welcome to Planet Gary, a place all about me, Gary Buckham, fast approaching 60 and retirement. Yippee! This is where I share some of the interests and activities that have been part of my world for most of my life and where I post a few words, upload not a few photographs and generally get things off my chest. But first a few brief words about me!

Born and raised in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders, I spent my childhood doing the usual things that children get up to, paying in the local woods, fishing on the River Ettrick, getting up to mischief down the local rubbish dump and scrounging for discarded lemonade bottle around the woollen mills and claiming the deposit on them. I also owned a slingshot and air-rifle but better not go there. Of course, I attended school but that was just a necessary evil and not something I particularly enjoyed though subjects like geography and technical drawing, I did enjoy.

After school I started a career in the construction industry as an apprentice quantity surveying technician and did that for around 20 years. After being made redundant three times in a row over five years, I retrained in information technology and now work for two charities in Edinburgh, Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans, providing services to people with visual disabilities.

I now live in Bonnyrigg, a small ex-mining village to the south of Edinburgh, along with my darling wife Cathryn. We have a small bungalow with front and rear gardens, a conservatory, a greenhouse, a potting shed, a compost area, a small pond and the usual wooden garden shed which is Cathryn’s. I have a larger shed called the Man Cave, where I potter about with my bicycles, kick scooters, sand collection and a few of my other interests.

Yes, interests. I have quite a few of those including, fat biking, cycling, walking, sand collecting, brick spotting, birdwatching, local industrial archaeology, trigpointing, exploring local tracks and trails, cloud spotting and most recently, Turf, to name but a few. And it’s these interests that Planet Gary is all about, so please browse at your leisure and enjoy the ride.

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