The Blog section is the home to stuff that does not fall within the other category headings, so all my other interests, along with just about anything else, will end up here including, nature, weather, DIY, life, the multiverse and everything.


  • Blog 15-07-21 – photography and sand collecting at Springfield mill.
  • Blog 13-07-21 – the challenging art of butterfly photography.
  • Blog 21-05-21 – thoughts and feelings on my final day at work.
  • Blog 07-03-21 – cleaning spectacles, over 50 years of dedicated R&D.
  • Blog 07-12-20 – why you should get to know your local area.
  • Blog 22-11-20 – a problem with the drainage on our driveway.
  • Blog 31-10-20 – approaching 60 years old and time to retire.

Other Blogs

  • Bricks – A look at the world of bricks and Scottish brickmarks.
  • Cycling – all about bicycles, cycling, fat-biking and all the rest.
  • Sand –  yes, sand, or rather the unusual hobby of sand collecting.
  • Scooting – kick scooting with the Swifty Air and Swifty Zero.
  • Trails – exploring some local trails on foot, by bike or by kick scooter.
  • Trigpointing – bagging those concrete pillars you see on hill tops.
  • Turf – location based, zone taking, points and medals outdoor game.

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