Having recently started bagging trig points, yes, those tall concrete pillars you see on hill tops, I knew there was one close to me locally, in fact, less than a mile away. However, there was a problem with reaching it safely during the day – it’s on a golf course. Ah, but golfers don’t play at night, so there’s my opportunity.

I’d been planning a night ride this evening anyway, so grabbed my Surly Pugsley fat bike from the shed, checked my lights were in good orders and set off across town. Part of the route there is on a disused railway line, now serving as a mixed-use foot and cycleway. Dropping down an off-ramp, I noticed a small mouse in my lights and stopped to watch. It seemed totally unconcerned about my presence and slowly hopped towards me, eventually passing under the bicycle was away into the undergrowth. A nice start to the evening.

I’d selected the fat bike for this trip as the low pressure fat tyres are ideal for riding on a golf course. With pressures at only 10 psi there is minimal risk of any damage to the grass and I always keep to the roughest of the rough areas anyway. Finding the trig point on Broomieknowe golf course was easy enough, I knew exactly where it was and propped the Pugsley beside it to take a photo for the records, and for the blog.

With my second trig point in the bag, I dropped down past Melville golf driving range and on through Dalkeith, then across King’s Park and into the woods surrounding Newbattle Abbey. From there a quick loop along the River South Esk and back home.

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