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About Trigpointing

Trigpointing is one of those unusual hobbies that tends to get you funny looks when you mention it to people. For some reason, which I cannot for the life of me fathom, I also get the same reaction when I … Continue reading

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Trigpointing Gallery 0001

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The Trigpointing gallery lists all the images posted on this category. Each gallery consists of 30 images shown as a table of thumbnails. Simply click on the thumbnail to see the larger image. Clicking on the larger image will take … Continue reading

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Having recently started bagging trig points, yes, those tall concrete pillars you see on hill tops, I knew there was one close to me locally, in fact, less than a mile away. However, there was a problem with reaching it … Continue reading

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Welcome to Trigpointing, one of the most addictive, sometimes challenging, sometimes easy, activities you may never have heard off . Trigpointing is where set out to “bag” the trig points, those concrete pillar you encounter out in the hills. Articles … Continue reading

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Torfichen Hill

Approaching the end of July, and with temperatures during the day into the mid-twenties, scooting during the heat of the day was not enjoyable and I much prefer the cool air of early mornings or the slightly cooler late evenings. … Continue reading

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