When I built my first Surly Pugsley way back in 2010, I was keen to record by adventures on video, so started off recording a few of my trips and posted them on my Youtube channel. You can also browse all the videos here. Each page includes 10 video links with sample still images. Simply click on the video link image to view the video.


Future Articles

  • 360 Cameras – using cameras that record everything.
  • Actions Cameras – using GoPro cameras to record scenes.
  • Camera Supports – for that ever so important steady footage.
  • Camera Drones – adding something different to your videos.
  • Editing and Posting – what to do after you’ve finished filming.
  • Finding Locations – not always as easy as it might seem.
  • Hints and Tips – a few simple hints and tips to help you out.
  • Positions and Angles – thoughts on where to place the camera.
  • Shoot Planning – how, where, what, when and why not.


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