Bottle Cages

One of the problems I’ve found while kick scooting during the warm days, and also equally warm nights, of summer, is staying hydrated. Of course, I carry a water bottle with me but it’s inside the front pannier bag, out of sight and a small bother to access. What I needed was something easy to hand that I could access in an instant.

A rummage in the Man Cave produced two Klean Kanteen water bottle cages and stainless steel water bottles, all I needed was somewhere to mount them on the scooter and a method of doing the same. Now, recently I’d used some P-clamps to mount the front pannier onto the luggage rack and had a few left over. After some trial and error, I soon found the perfect location to mount the two bottle cages, on the rear of the Rixen and Kaul Vario Rack. One would carry water and the other would give the option of a second water bottle or a small vacuum flask of hot water for a brew.

A quick road test with two water bottles revealed no rattles, which is good, as I hate rattles on my Swifty scooters. However, the flask is a slightly smaller diameter and does rattle but was easily resolved with a Velcro strap. From experience these are a good idea when riding off-road anyway and a couple with have a permanent home in the pannier. Mounting the bottle and flask on the outside also frees up some space inside the pannier. Finally, the bottle cages are now in the location where my rear lights used to be so now I’ll have to find an alternative location for those.

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