Planet Gary is where I share some of my many interests, far too many to list separately on the menu header above, so I’ve brought them all together here on a single page, simply follow the links and enjoy.

  • Birding – a look at birds and birdwatching, and my list of bird sightings.
  • Bricks – a look at the world of bricks and Scottish brickmarks.
  • Cycling – all about bicycles, cycling, fat-biking and all the rest.
  • Goblins – those magical mythical creatures of wood and forest.
  • Jigsaws – the excitement, trials and tribulations of doing jigsaws.
  • Sand –  yes, sand, or rather the unusual hobby of sand collecting.
  • Scooting – kick scooting with the Swifty Air and Swifty Zero.
  • Selfies – a look at the all-consuming photographic art of the selfie.
  • Street – an exploration of the art of candid street photography.
  • Trails – exploring some local trails on foot, by bike or by kick scooter.
  • Turf – location based, zone taking, points and medals outdoor game.
  • Video – mostly videos about cycling and a few words on film-making.

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