A few questions and answers about Planet Gary, and myself, Gary Buckham. If you have any questions you wish to ask or any suggestions for a question and answer to include on this FAQ, please use the Contact form above to send them in. Thank you.

What is the purpose of your blog, Planet Gary?
Planet Gary is a personal blogging platform that allows me to share some of my many interests and also gives me somewhere to post some of the photographs I take. I think one of the main reasons why I have Planet Gary is that it gives me purpose. For example, rather than simply going for a walk or bicycle ride, I can share that walk or cycle online, write a few words about what I saw, how I felt, and so on, and include a few photographs as well. I also hope it will provide inspiration to anyone who visits to try some of my many interests for themselves.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I was born in the early 60’s down in the Scottish Borders, went to Selkirk High School, started work at the age of 17 as a Quantity Surveyor, then 20 years later retrained in IT Support. I’m happily married to Cathryn, lived in Peebles in the Scottish Borders for a while, now live in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian and have so many hobbies and interests that I needed this blog to manage them all. Now retired, I intend to spend the next 40 years continuing to enjoy myself, cycling, turfing, kick scooting, taking photographs and getting up to untold mischief.

What interests and hobbies do you have?
Okay, here goes. Photography, fat biking, kick scooting, the Turf game, weather watching and cloud spotting, sand collecting, brick spotting, birdwatching, blogging, industrial archaeology, geology, cycling, walking, exploring, butterflies and moths, watching wildlife and probably a few more I’ve forgotten about.

How do you create those strange distorted photographs?
These images were created using a Ricoh Theta V 360-degree camera. It has two lenses, one on the front and another on the rear, and the two images, when combined, create a photograph that includes everything around the camera. Software is then used to manipulate the 360-degree images to create the images seen here.

Can I download and use your images?
You can download any of the images for personal non-commercial use. All I ask is you include the following link beside any of the images you use: Planet Gary – www.planetgary.org.uk

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