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There are various methods of getting yourself between zones and I’ve looked at both a bicycle, perhaps the ideal and most efficient method, and also using a kick scooter, a kind of between cycling and walking method. On this page, I want to take a quick and easy look at turf-walking as a means of taking zones.

  • easiest and cheapest option as no other equipment required
  • may be slower and therefor may also be less competitive
  • ideal for locations where cycling is not permitted or practical
  • offers a more relaxed, easier and gentler pace of turfing
  • you may actually see more of the world about you as you walk
  • may take longer to gain any medals, ranks and league points
  • easier to use a car or public transport without a bicycle
  • transport required to zones beyond walking distance from base
  • safest way to get around when conditions under foot are icy
  • you can combine walking the dog with turfing at any time
  • avoids the faff of loading and unloading bicycles from the car
  • not everyone owns, is able to ride, or even wants, a bicycle
  • easier to access zones where cycling is not permitted
  • walking helps avoid getting all hot and sweaty before work
  • no bike to manhandle over gates, steps, fences and stiles
  • you can walk on pavements (no cycling on pavements)
  • less need to worry about traffic on roads, except when crossing!
  • you can ignore No Scooting/Skateboarding/Cycling signs
  • more time to look around and to take photographs
  • can be more awkward to carry large mobile phones
  • walking is available on any day, at any time and any place
  • go way to rest tired muscles after cycling the day before

Many thanks to turfer Floss for her many pointers on turf-walking.

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