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Turf Zone – Kingsknowe

The posting of a notice on the Turf website about the Turf Crew doing some focused work on turf medals, looking at an overhaul, some extensions to existing medals and even new medals, got me thinking it was high time I got to tackling some of the unofficial Planet Gary turf medals I’ve created.

Way back on Turf Blog 11-04-21, over two years ago now, I came up with the idea for an un-official turf medal series where you “collect” zones with the train station attribute. There are two medals in the set.

  • Trainspotter – take 5 different zones with the train station attribute.
  • Station Master – take 10 different zones with the train station attribute.

It was during my unique hunting session in the Wester Hailes part of Edinburgh on the 28th July, which gave me two zones with the train station attribute, namely WesterHailes and Kingsknowe, when I thought, might as well make use of these and go for the above noted medals.

Trainspotter 5 – take 5 different zones with the Train Station attribute.

My next train station zone was a few days ago on a trip to Aberdour in Fife. My wife Cathryn, a.k.a. turf name ChoccyMuffin, and myself decided to spend the day there looking for uniques and visiting the wee cafe called Sands, a Place by the Sea, where I enjoyed soup of the day and a bacon and fried egg roll. Oh, it was nice! The session added another train station zone to my list, Aberdour. That gave me three so far.

Yesterday, a turfing session on the Harley Quinn single speed, across to Portobello and back via Musselburgh, gave me a further three train station zones, Eskbank, Musselburgh and Brunstane, bringing the total to six, which means I’ve now got the Trainspotter 5 medal, and another zone towards the Station Master 10 medal. I would have added another train station zone at Newcraighall but I wasn’t paying attention and missed it. So annoying when you do that!

That’s leaves me requiring another four zones with the train station attribute and as luck would have it, three are fairly local to home in Bonnyrigg and easy to cycle to, namely Gorebridge, Newtongrange and Shawfair with the fourth out at Newcraighall. Should be simple enough to bag all four in a single session, hopefully, soon.

Trainspotter 5

  • Aberdour
  • Eskbank
  • Kingsknowe
  • Musselburgh
  • WesterHailes

Station Master 10

  • Brunstane
  • Gorebridge
  • Newcraighall
  • Newtongrange
  • Shawfair

You might be wondering why I’ve stopped at only 10 zones with the train station attribute and the Station master medal? Well, simply put, train station zones are few and far between in this neck of the woods. The next logical number in the sequence, if I keep in line with the usual turf medal norm, would be 25. So, finding another 15 train station zones without extensive travel would be difficult, though not impossible. Mind you, might just look into that further. Back soon.

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