Turf Blog 13-04-21

Turf zone – Eskbank

The main focus of my turfing endeavours at the moment is the Trainer medal, taking 30 train station zones over 30 days and today I used my short lunch break, which is only 45 minutes, to continue progress. Still holding my nearest railway station zone, Eskbank, I opted to cycle up to Newtongrange for the station zone there. While revisits are allowed they do not show on Warded and I’m not confident that a revisit will have been recorded and will actually count. I would not want to be in the position of relying on a revisit late in the sequence only to have to start the count again. I’ve also posted a message on the Turf app asking if any local turfers would clear the above train station zones for me to take again.

It’s only a short mile and a half cycle to Newtongrange but road traffic was heavy at the roundabouts on the busy A7. However, I did manage to take VickysGardens and NewtonsBridge on the way, then across to the railway station for Newtongrange, followed by a quick hop across the railway line for WhyMurderDean. These two zones which must hold the record for the closest together zones, only about 50 meters separates them. I then managed to squeeze in MatthewJenks and Squirrelly before pedalling furiously for home, arriving with just enough time to stow Ogre away in the shed and get ready for work again, which was namely posting a quick comment on Microsoft Teams so show I was back at work.

The evening saw me out turfing again for an hour or so. I’d noticed on the Turf app that my take count was 2476, only 24 takes short of the Take-2500 medal. Having lost many of my local zones over the weekend, I didn’t have to travel far to grab those 24 zones, and a few more as well. Hopefield in Bonnyrigg was my first port of call, then up the cycle path to Rosewell, bringing me only two zones short of my target. Freewheeling back down the cycle way to Bonnyrigg, zone Poltonhall fell next, followed by zone Flash. Then after what always seems a very long wait, which in reality is only a few seconds, up pops the alerts on the mobile Take-2500 achieved. Mission accomplished.

Delighted with another medal added to the ever increasing collection, it was an easy and relaxed ride around Bonnyrigg, picking off the few remaining zones including ArgylePlaza, FreeKick, CatSchool, RobinAndTuck, Bonnyrigg, GeorgeWarMem, TongueSpatula, LothianSquare, NotFencedIn and WaverleyPath, with a final revisit for WayOfBaird.

My points tally for this round so far is 93,250, which is a good start for only 9 days into a new round and should see me with a good score at the end of the round. Also on the plus side, today saw my rank increased to the next level, Rank 35 – Delicate Zoner, a somewhat unusual title and perhaps something lost in translation from Swedish. On the down side, that means I’ll need another 85,000 points to attain the next level, Rank 36 – Light Turfer. That is going to take some effort!

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