Glenesk Colliery

The site that was once Glenesk Colliery is located off the A7 just north of Eskbank, Dalkeith. Little remains of anything resembling a colliery, just a few concrete and stone structures, through old maps show a spoil heap in the field opposite, across the road. The site has probably had a few different uses over the years and it was an accumulation of rubble that attracted my interest.

Initial finds were a few of the usual local suspects such as ARNISTON, DOUGAL and WHITEHILL but it did not take long to find a couple of new additions to my Scottish brickmarks list, an EDMONSTONE FIRE BRICK AND CLAY WORKS and a J & M CRAIG LTD KILMARNOCK SCOTLAND. The other brick with the brickmark partially hidden by mortar is a DYKEHEAD.

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