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Turf Zone – SelfStruggle

Options for turfing today are going to be limited as it’s Easter Weekend and family matters means off doing things in places where turf zones have yet to be invented. In this instance Preston Hall, Midlothian, where they are having an open day and my darling wife Cathryn a.k.a. ChoccyMuffin, wants to visit the walled garden. But all is not lost as there’s a good chance of coffee and a scone. Could this be the Scone of Scones* I’ve been searching for?

Day 6 of Round #154 with another 29 days still remaining. I’m finding it most interesting watching how the League positions change overnight and even during the day, as participants take zones and collect points.

First thing this morning, Eskimonika has reduced my lead in League 4 by a few thousand points entirely with the aid of PPH (Points per Hour). With a PPH of +344, no wonder. Just shows it’s worth hanging onto zones with a good PPH value. Unfortunately, here in Midlothian, few of my local zones have high PPH values and heavy turfer activity means I don’t hold them for long anyway. And to top it all, Eskimonika is out turfing as I write. I’ll need to get out turfing asap.

Mid-afternoon. Now back from a picnic walk with ChoccyMuffin around Dalhousie Castle estate, and with only a few zones to my name, I’m now back in second place behind Eskimonika with a difference of around 5000 points. Bugger! Now, to claw back those points I now need to take all of Bonnyrigg yet again and that just gets me even. In addition, at the moment, he/she has +260 PPH which would add another 2600 or so points overnight. And for me to get in front again, add another 5000 to those figures. So, if I add all that together and see what I need to do, the total I get is…bugger that for a game of soldiers. Enough is enough. That’s it with the League. I got other turfy things I want to do rather than dragging myself around Bonnyrigg and other local turf areas every day.

And finally, well done to turfer Hodge who achieved his Staminatrix, 400 zones in under 24-hours, and now well deserving of his new turfer moniker, Hardcore Hodge. 🙂

*It wasn’t. No scones, though the lemon drizzle cake was rather yummy.

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