Turf Blog 14-02-23

I’ve always felt rather guilty that my Swifty Zero kick scooter does not venture from the shed very often on turfing sessions. This is entirely due to the fact that my mobile phone mount does not fit well on the handlebars. They are tapered and the thicker section is too thick and one the thinner section the mount slips.¬†Nothing really wrong with the mount, it fits all my other bikes and the Swifty Air handlebars just fine. So, it was high time I did something about it.

I found a suitable mount on Amazon, the Lamicall Bike Phone Holder, same make as my existing mounts but the clamp caters from a wider range of bar diameters, up to 40 mm. It fits the 31.8 mm section of the Swifty Zero handlebar perfectly and will also fit the handlebar stem itself, allowing for a more central mounting position. I tried it out today on a kick scoot turf around Dalkeith and it held up well, never coming loose and not even the slightest rattle. There’s also a locking level on the back to secure the phone once mounted. Costs about ¬£20.00

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