Turf Blog 15-02-23

Turf zone – Newtongrange

Back on Turf Blog 29-01-23 I posted details of further Planet Gary unofficial turfing medals, namely the 2-in-1 and 3-in-1, where you are required to take either two or three zones within one minute. So, today was the day and I was off to Newtongrange on the Surly Ogre to attempt the 2-in-1.

As I was in the area it seemed daft not to take the other zones in the area – sorry, Pedro_delb and MuttsCycles – and before long I was approaching zone Newtongrange at Newtongrange railway station. The other zone WhyMurderDean was on the opposite side of the tracks. Right, how to do this? No point taking the zone at the bottom of the steps, that would waste precious time. So, take the zone from the top of the steps.

With the 60 second timer starting after the first take, it was pedal to the metal along the pavement (naughty me!) and into the chicane of paths way where the zone is located. Soon I hear the words, zone taken. But had I completed the second zone within 60 seconds? I was pretty sure I had but would have to wait until back home to confirm the times.

Back home I logged into FRUT and listed the times.¬†Zone Newtongrange was taken at 13:17:16 and zone WhyMurderDean was taken at 13:17:54. Good news. That’s 38 seconds, so well within the 60 second limit. The 2-in-1 medal was mine. Yippee!

Now, this leaves the question of the 3-in-1 medal. Is it actually possible? Well, not likely in Newtongrange but might just be possible using the zones on the Loanhead Ferret Run. Looking at some of the Eager Ferret times posted on Warded this seems to best location to try a 3-in-1. My own Eager Ferret times include quite a few 2-in-1’s being achieved but no 3-in-1’s. Any takers?

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