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Turf Zone – StrollAway

The morning of Saturday the 28th saw me with points total of 350,000, and after six hours cycling around Musselburgh and Portobello, along with a handsome overnight PPH of 450 points, by next morning I was sitting at an amazing 384,000 points. I had set out that morning to try and achieve another 15-20,000 points, aiming to better my highest Round total of around 370,000. Now, with that in the bag, I’m asking myself, can I add another 116,000 points by end of Round next Sunday at 11.00 am, and gain the Roundpointer-500k medal? We shall see.

Turf Zone – Prestongrange

Something else that came out of the days turfing overall was a take total of 157 zones in seven hours. That’s not all that far away from the 200 takes required for the El Staminatore medal. And that must be completed within 24-hours. So, with a little bit of planning, looks like the El Staminatore will be high on my turf-to-do list. I was tempted to continue but a good chunk of those 157 takes were revisits and not permitted, and my legs were tired, and it was persistently raining. Watch this space.

Turf Zone – GraffitiZone

Sunday 29th was a washout day, mucky rain and drizzle all day, so a day at home with wife Cathryn/ChoccyMuffin and a visit to Dobbies for coffee and scones. It was a treacle scone; it was too dry inside and definitely nowhere near being the Scone of Scones. The coffee was okay though. However, ChoccyMuffin cleared some zones in Bonnyrigg and I was able to take them back later in the evening, along with a handful in Dalkeith. So, this morning I’m now sitting at over 401,000 points, this with some assistance from a still high PPH of 491 points. I guess the wet weather kept many a turfer indoors, otherwise I would have expected to lose most of the Musselburgh zones.

Turf Zone – TideWatchZone

Today. a pleasant rain-free cycle to Penicuik but difficulties with a dodgy mobile phone mast there (as advised by local turfer Hodge) meant it was taking ages to take a zone, if it actually took at all. I had planned to turf most of the Penicuik zones but decided to cut my losses and head for Rosslyn, Loanhead and Shawfair. By mid-afternoon my points were passing 422,000, so a nice 21,000 added for the day’s efforts. And hopefully, some nice PPH gains overnight. Will probably head further afield tomorrow in search of more zones to take.

And to finish. Been doing some interesting points calculations. At the moment, I have a PPH of 510 points and while the likelyhood of me maintaining that is about the same as coming across a UFO in the back garden or finding a fulgurite* on the beach at Aberlady Bay, if I did, I would have more than 68,000 points of the 78,000 required towards my 500K target  and the Roundpointer-500k medal. Interesting. Back soon.

*Fulgurites are little tubes of glass that are formed when lightning strikes sand.

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