Turf Blog 31-10-23

Turf Zone – TheMemorial

We start the day on our quest for the Roundpointer-500k medal with a points total of around 430,000, up 8,000 by PPH (Points Per Hour) alone from yesterday and leaving four days and eleven hours to find that missing 70,000 points. Today, I’m off along the East Lothian coast to turf the areas between Prestonpans and Port Seton, with Tranent and Longniddry available if I feel so inclined and the weather holds. The area offers around 130 zones/22,000 points, so plenty to keep busy with. Weather looks fine and sunny today but heavy rain is forecast for the next two days.

Today, is the 31st October, Halloween or rather, Turfoween and there’s a set of unofficial Planet Gary Turf medals available. This medal is for those exceedingly brave turfers who are willing to venture out turfing on All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, and face the ghostly ghosts, ghoulish ghouls, wicked witches and those annoying trick or treaters. There are five medals available for turfers who manage to take 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 zones and live to tell the tale. Turfoween takes place only on 31st October each year.

Turf Zone – Clockenzie

A chilly morning on the East Lothian coast, but 77 zones taken in Cockenzie, Port Seton, Prestonpans and Longniddry. Points tally now sitting at 447,000, so getting there. Did not take long before the local turfers were out taking back “their” zones. Only joking! And that 77 takes means I’ve managed to achieve the Turfoween 50 medal and no ghosts, ghouls or witches encountered. Happy days! Back with more soon.

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