Whitehill House, Rosewell

Whitehill House can be found to the south of Rosewell in Midlothian and is one of my local areas for turfing. On a previous turfing cycle around the area, I noticed a few piles of rubble in the woods along the entrance road to the golf course. I’m not sure if they are a result of fly-tipping or debris dumped from the ongoing works at Whitehill House. Today I decided to stop and investigate.

First find was an LBC, which stands for London Brick Company. There was also lots of white glazed bricks in the three different piles of rubble but only one had any markings. Though indistinct the brickmark on this bullnose brick reads ROBT BROWN & SON LTD PAISLEY. Note how the “N” in the word BROWN is the wrong way round.

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