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Turf Zone – ForthView

Yesterday. Just passed the 490,000 points mark, only 10,000 points away from the Roundpointer-500k medal and falling, or climbing, whichever way you look at it. And with around two and a half days still remaining in Round #160, plenty of time to find those. Not that I’ll need to do very much as my PPH is still over 500. However, I’ll get myself out and about tomorrow on the bike and make sure I reach the 500,000 level.

Out of interest, been looking at the Turf Wiki page on this medal and there’s a note that caught my eye, “The medal will be awarded during the first take, after the turfer has reached 500 000 points.” Now, imagine you’ve reached and passed 500,000 points and it’s a few minutes before the Round reset. I wonder what would happen if the Round reset took place before you’d completed that final take to be awarded the medal? I definitely won’t be waiting to find out. Hmm, what’s the next one in the series? What, 750,000 points! Well, that will be fun!

Turf Zone – QferryBeach

Following a very timely reminder by Fearglas (many thanks by the way) on the Turf Scotland WhatsApp group about the turf advent calendar I mentioned I was creating for this Christmas. Took me a couple of weeks to think up the 24 tasks this time last year and after a few hours work this morning, now have all 24 tasks finalised. More details here.

I do love creating stuff like this, though some of you will be cursing me when you see what is required of some tasks, even the Easy Options. Some turfers mentioned they wanted some proper challenges, none of this paltry “take three zones” type of thing and you will certainly get those. You will also need to do a few other things as well, such as using your brain and possibly even learning new stuff. Well, if it isn’t challenging/fun/crazy/daft, then what’s the point? Hope you all enjoy the tasks.

Turf Zone – WhitehouseBay

Back to the Now. And I’m down in Queensferry hunting uniques and my very first take of the day, while not a unique, gets me the popup message that I’ve achieved that Roundpointer-500k medal I’ve been harping on about these past couple of weeks. Job done, at least for now. There’s still that Roundpointer-750k sitting on the horizon, calling my name and just daring me to make an attempt. But not yet, nor next Round either, as I’ll also be trying the Turf Scotland Advent Calendar 2023 just the same as you lot. I’ve also started trying to think up 24 different tasks for the Turf Scotland Advent Calendar 2024. That is proving very challenging indeed.

Turf Zone – DalmenySt

I quite enjoy hunting down uniques, always a combination of delight at discovering new zones and experiencing new places, while at the same time being frustrating at the same time. The frustration stems from having to stop so often to work out how to actually reach those unique zones, going the long way round and finding you’ve missed a unique and have to backtrack. Then there’s the decisions you have to make. For example, there are two zones, ViewOfBridges and 2WayZone where there are signs stating “No Unauthorised Access” which, followed Turf SOP*, I ignored them and entered anyway. It will take more than a faded sign, CCTV cameras, a grumpy security guard and a barrier to stop me taking a unique!

Turf Zone – Longcraig

Not a huge haul of uniques from Queensferry, just the 56 to add to my tally towards the 2500 Unique medal I’ve been aiming for what seems like ages. Currently sitting at 2204, so not all that far away. My zone total at the moment is 312, which is tantalisingly close to the 400 required for the new Greed-400 medal. Not sure I’m going to go for that yet. Perhaps will wait and see what I still hold early tomorrow morning and make a decision them. And holding onto zones on a Saturday just isn’t an option. Too many other bloody turfers out and and about! Back soon.

*SOP – Standard Operating Procedure

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