Turf Blog 05-11-23

Turf Zone – Longcraig

Today sees the close of Round #160 and the beginning of new Round #161, and it’s been a good Round for PlanetGary. Just a few days ago saw my Rank increase from Rank 53 – Amazing Turfer to Rank 54 – Incredible Turfer, achieved by collecting a relatively whopping 8,000,000 points. However, to reach the next level, Rank 55 – Holy Turfer, I now require another 1,500,000 points.

Round #160 was by best to date for points, hunting down over 537,000 of them, exceeding my previous best of around 370,000 points in a single Round. And also, my best Round position so far, according to Warded, 4th out of 173 in Scotland and 24th out of 2968 in the World. Quite chuffed with my efforts. But looking at Ranks again, the highest achievable Rank (so far!) is Rank 60 – Turfalicious, granted when you achieve 50,000,000 points. That’s 50 Million! So, if I were to keep up my current 500,000 points each Round, it would take me to December 2030, and age 69. Better get turfing then!

The topic of PPH, or Points Per Hour, is an interesting one. Turfer Björke has collected over 2,00,000 points this Round and of that around 50% is due to PPH alone. So, it can pay handsome dividends to hold onto zones as long as you can. In my own case, of the 537,000 points I achieved this Round, around 30% were from PPH. Something to keep in mind when looking for high points scores.

Having said that, I wonder if simply taking zones repeatedly might prove better. Locally, the zones around my home in Bonnyrigg, did not change very often this Round, which meant I had to travel further from home to find zones to take. Unfortunately, numbers of turfer visiting or resident in Bonnyrigg, and Midlothian in general, seems to be falling.

My main focus this Round was the Roundpointer medal series. Starting aiming for the Roundpointer-100k, which I managed fairly easy and decided to stop at that, However, then changed my mind and went for the Roundpointer-500k, which I also managed to get with time to spare. The next one is the Roundpointer-750k but that’s a different ball game entirely. I think I’ll be waiting for a 35-day Round and good summer weather for that beastie. More soon.

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