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I’m now in the situation where my dedication to turfing is being tested. Now is the time where I see if I’m a man or a moose*, or whatever I’m supposed to identify as these days. Actually, while on that daft subject matter, should anyone ask me what I identify as, I’ve decided on the term synthetic human. That should shut them up and let me make my escape. Actually, it’s quite good fun watching some of the discussions on Facebook or YouTube on the topic of gender identity. Seems you can identify as anything you want. Personally, I think the world of going crazy.

Yes, I’m now sitting at around 460,000 points this morning for Round #160, only 40,000 points away from the Roundpointer-500k medal. I usually say “around” as the actual figure changes as I write. By the time I post this page it will have increased by a few thousand points due to PPH, even if I don’t take any zones. The crux of the matter is the weather. It’s pissing down at the moment and is forecast to do the same for the next two days. My dilemma is, do I don so-called waterproofs and cycle down to Musselburgh (my closest area with zones at red), and spend many hours getting soaked/cold/miserable. Or do I chance it and wait until better weather and hope I have enough time to get those points?

The end of Round #160 is 11.00 am on Sunday, some 100 hours away from now. My PPH score is sitting at 480 points. Let’s say that stays the same for the next 100 hours, which is undoubtable will not, that would give me another 48,000 points, more than enough to reach that 500,000 target. Tomorrow is forecast a total wash-out with heavy rain and wind all day. However, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning are looking good. So, should I brave the elements, get soaked/cold/miserable for the love of Turf, or take a chance and wait? Decisions, decisions.

I guess that’s the trouble, or should I say, challenge, you face when tackling this type of medal, ones that are time limited. It’s akin to the Daily-5, you reach day 360, having religiously taken five zones each and every day for almost an entire year, only to find you only took only four zones the previous day and are back to square one. Even worse than that term in the Monopoly game – go directly to jail, do not pass go.

With Roundpointer, you are aiming for that Roundpointer-1M. Imagine you have accumulated 999,500 points and the time is 10.50 am on the Sunday of the Round reset. Only 10 minutes remaining. Your bike gets a puncture, you get abducted by aliens, attacked by an escaped cyber-hamster or whatever and you don’t get that last 500 points in time. Start again from the beginning!

By lunchtime the rain has lessened and I was off down to Musselburgh on the Surly Ogre, fully fitted out for the forecast heavy rain. And, of course, the rain vanished, the sun came out and I was over-dressed, too hot and sweating like, well, a sweaty thing. However, by mid-afternoon I’d taken some 83 zones and passed 475,000 points, my target for the day. Would have stayed longer for a few more points but had to get home in time to make dinner for Cathryn. Oh, what a dutiful husband I am!

By early evening that total had risen to almost 478,000, only 22,000 points away from the Roundpointer-500k medal. So, unless something untoward happens, should be able to grab those in the next day or so. Watch this space.

*Scottish term for a mouse, not the North American deer.

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