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Turf Zone – DalkeithHouse

There’s a question I keep asking myself about turf. It relates to what I refer to as the Fantastic Four medals, as listed below, and that question is, how do I go “Totally Turf” and put in the effort required to achieve any, or indeed all, of those personally challenging medals on my Turf To Do list. I would like to have included the Country and Region medals but those are most likely Mission Impossible, though I might be in with a chance with the Region medal should I achieve the Roundpointer-750k and certain other turfers have been sent to Australia and passport taken away.

  • Greed-400 – hold 400 zones at the same time.
  • Diversiest – 1000 Round Unique takes in a single Round.
  • Roundpointer-750k – collect 750,000 points during a single Round.
  • El Staminatore – taking 200 zones in a 24-hour period.

And the answer is I don’t know. Some might say, quite rightly, that I should just get the finger out and get cracking. With a new Round starting this Sunday the 7th, perhaps a perfect opportunity to do just that. Unfortunately, and this is not an excuse, we have a family wedding this weekend and turfing will be difficult at best. However, there’s always Monday. Watch this space.

Turf Zone – ToEdinburgh

Anyway, had a wee wander around Dalkeith Country Park today, on foot, I might add, just for a change. Picked off zone ToEdinbugh, the one on the path where bikes are not allowed, that is if you adhere to the illegal signage. Interestingly, I have heard from an inside source that the signage in DCP is being or has been reviewed, so will be interesting to see what new signs appear and if they comply with the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. I’ll be letting them know if they do not. By the way, you can take zone BridgeOfFaith from either side of the closed off bridge. Bye for now.

Turf Zone – BridgeOfFaith

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