Turf Blog 06-06-22

Sunday the 5th saw the start of another Round of Turf and my thoughts turn again to what my plan will be this time. To be honest I do every round start and would really like to try some of the Big Stuff, like winning a Country Medal. However, my limiting factor is my poor old aching back. The amount of cycling required just isn’t good for me, so I tend to settle for the easier challenges. Below is the list of ideas I keep in mind. You might find some useful as well.

  • Set a Round target, say 500,000 points. Challenging!
  • Go for Take 15,000 medal (requires 2200 takes).
  • Go for 2500 unique medal (requires 1100 unique).
  • Rank 48 Turf Overlord 4 Million points, (19,000 points required).
  • Go for Greed 350 medal. Challenging!
  • Attempt Diversiest medal, 1000 round unique zones.
  • Attempt El Staminatore medal, 200 turf zones in 24 hours.
  • Attempt Staminatrix medal, 400 turf zones in 24 hours.
  • Continue with Daily 365 medal. Easy!
  • Region or Country medal, need 1,000,000 points plus. Dream on!
  • Maintain or improve League position.
  • Local challenge – turf kick scoot Water of Leith.
  • Local challenge – turf kick scoot Edinburgh Seven Hills.

I’ve been using the Swifty Air kick scooter quite a bit recently for turfing, mostly keeping up the Daily-Five. And you may recall I mentioned an annoying creak when kicking off each time. On more than one occasion I gave the Swifty a thorough overhaul and the issue seemed to be resolved, however, it is not resolved and it’s back again. This time some detective work involving careful listening, jumping up and down, some inventive cursing and threatening to turn the bloody thing into spoons may just have done the trick. And do you know what it actually was? A bloody £2.00 noodle! A little itsy-bitty piece of flexible pipe on the rear brake cable. It was rubbing where it passes under the deck plate. I think the rear brake cable had been pulled tight and caused the creak. Hopefully, the creak is now banished forever. Back soon.

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