Turf Blog 23-12-20

With only 45 minutes for lunch, I wanted to maximise my zone taking time, so decided to try my Surly Krampug bicycle and see what could be accomplished in that time. Again, straight from the house, I bagged Wishart (185 points) on the Dalkeith to Penicuik cycleway, followed quickly with Slytherin (170 points) at the adjacent Midlothian Community Hospital and crossing the A7 Trunk road via the foot bridge gave me A7View (185 points). From there a short ride to Eskbank railway station for Eskbank (185 points) and across the car park to Edinburgh College to take CollegeZone (170 points).

Next on the itinerary was BikeSlooowly (185 points, spelling correct) on the wee hill at Police Scotland HQ, and the oddly named Beatles (185 points) at the entrance to Newbattle Gardens housing estate. From there I about-turned, as I was running out of lunchtime, and started heading back towards home, picking up Strawberries (185 points), Hardengreen (185 points) and finally WitchTakeOff (185 points) on the way.

Good to be making progress, rank was now up to Rank 7 – Experienced Traveller, and some 5,520 points now accrued with another 10 zones added to the collection. The medal tally is also increasing with Greed-20 and Take-25 achieved. Using the bicycle this time rather than the Swifty kick scooter was interesting and definitely quicker, although most of the route was on quiet streets and cycle paths. Would be interesting to see how it does in a busy city centre.

Fast forward to the evening and our usual stroll around Bonnyrigg, of course routed to pick off a few zones, including IKnowBroom (185 points) at Broomieknowe Park, down the Wee Brae for Wee (185 points), along a muddy path to take DobbysSock (185 points) and finally across to Lasswade High School for FreeKick (185 points) and CatSchool (185 points). No additional medals but a more points added to the tally, now sitting over 6,500.

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