Turf Blog 22-12-20

My original idea to head out turfing again this evening on the Swifty Air kick scooter and I did just that but icy pavements and kick scooters do not mix, so it was back to the house to tuck the Swifty back up in the shed and see if my wife Cathryn wanted to accompany me, on foot this time.

Being only my second zone taking outing, I still had plenty of zones nearby. We started off with a couple of re-visits, gaining half points for Pittendriech and Brixwold. Then across to the new Hopefield estate to take GroovyFarm (185 points), then ChesterGarden (185 points), along the path across the site of the now demolished Polton Colliery to take AuldCoal (185 points).

Next, up to the Penicuik to Dalkeith cycleway to grab CockpenBypass and Skeltiemuir (both at 185 points) and then down to the town centre to re-visit the Bonnyrigg and add a few more points. This last one is located outside a fish and chip shop and the smells were most enticing. After that we strolled along the High Street to the health centre to take TongueSpatula (185 points), followed by WaverlyPark (185 points) and on the way back to the house, a re-visit to WayOfBaird for half points.

Points total was now around 3,780, up from 1,650 yesterday and my rank was now Rank 6 – Novice Traveller. In addition, another three medals had been achieved, Take-10, Greed-10 and 15 Unique. Okay, nothing very special but all part of the fun and makes you want to keep taking more zones. My zone count as now up to 15.

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