Turf Blog 27-07-23

A few things to talk about today and the first is that details for the first Scottish Turf Open Event 2023 have now been posted on the ESOC website. No point repeating everything again here, so make sure you follow the link, decide which events you are going to enter and sign up when the time comes. Remember to order your t-shirt! I’ll be entering the bike event, riding my trusty Harley Quinn single speed which will no doubt attract some attention. The event runs from Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October. Looking forwards to that!

Next item on the agenda is that there’s an Edinburgh Critical Mass ride this coming Saturday, 29th July, meeting at 2.00pm at Meadows Middle Walk in Edinburgh and heading out towards the Trinity area and back to The Meadows. Their concept is simple:

“bring your bike and ride through the city streets, reclaiming the space, getting to know the city, meeting other cyclists and generally having fun.”

They meet on the last Saturday of each month and I’m planning to join this one, my first time, so not quite sure what to expect. Plan to ride out from Bonnyrigg, taking zones along the way, join the ride, then ride back home taking a few more zones. Might get a few zones during the ride. I think my Harley Quinn single speed will be the ideal bike for the event. Hope to hand out a few Planet Gary cards and promote Turf.

Our final item is the ESOC, that’s Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club, Summer Turf Challenge. The challenge is to turf a section of the National Cycle Route NCN 75, running between Leith in Edinburgh to Glasgow Central Station, in, obviously, Glasgow, a distance of about 70 miles, and with the option, if you are very keen, to go all the way out to Gourock, adding another 29 miles, or thereabouts.

“short break for medical interlude”

Sorry, back again. Just had a migraine starting. It begins as a sparkling point of light in the centre of my vision, which makes typing on the computer quite difficult. The point of light then expands into a crescent of jagged lights which, after about 30 minutes, expands across my vision and out of sight. I used to get a splitting migraine headache after that but only get a mild one these days, if at all. A proper migraine headache is like hitting your head on the corner of a cupboard door with the initial pain lasting for five or six hours. Now, I usually only suffer the post migraine malaise, which is essentially feeling nauseous and dizzy for a couple of days. What fun!

Lots of thoughts on the Summer Turf Challenge. I can get the train from Edinburgh Waverley station outwards and cycle back but how far do I go? Do I do a short way, say, to Falkirk and cycle back the 30 miles? Or do I go further all the way to Glasgow Central Station and ride back 60 miles? Both a fair pedal on a single speed (I no longer have any bikes with gears). Also have the option of the train from Eskbank, saving me the cycle into Edinburgh. Some planning to do, I think!

Well, lots of exciting options for turfing and cycling on the cards. And there’s also the possibility of new turf medals coming out as the turf crew are looking into the current range on offer.¬†Stay tuned!

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