Turf Video 29-07-22

With only four zones for the taking, two on the causeway and two on the island itself, Cramond Island might not be a popular turfing destination. That, and the fact that the island is tidal and can only be reached safely for about four hours between tides, might put turfers off visiting. I guess the fear of being stranded by the tide might also put people off. One answer to this issue might be to beg the turf gods to add a few more zones, or just go and enjoy the scenery, the history, the graffiti, the bird life and simply chill out.

Today, with safe crossing times between 7.30 and 12.05 am, I had plenty of time to spend on the island. And taking the four zones doesn’t take more than an hour at most, so no excuse really. The latter time is actually when you need to be back on the mainland. Note that published times may differ due to weather and conditions.

My visit today was not only to take the four zones, still sitting at unique status, I might add, but also to make a wee video of the trip, as there’s plenty to see on the island. The most obvious are the ruined buildings from the Second World War. The island had a searchlight battery as well as two 24-pounder guns, along with two engine rooms to provide power, ancillary buildings and barracks, the latter having all but vanished over the years. There’s also a rich variety of bird life on the island and is also good spot for sea-watching.

Cramond Island is well-worth a visit but do take the time to check the safe crossing times beforehand, if you don’t want to spend a more time than you planned on the island.

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