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Logging onto Warded is arguably the best way to find turfer uniques, zones held by turfers you haven’t taken a zone from. However, what is revealed is always changing and what you see the night before will more than likely be entirely different the next morning. Last night there was no less than 8 different turfer uniques available for me to take locally. This morning, that 8 was reduced to 5, all well spread across Edinburgh. And the big question was, how was I going to take them.

The weather was miserable, with rain forecast all day long and that put me off cycling from the house. Riding a bike for 30 miles or so in the rain was not attractive. And as ChoccyMuffin had the car for work that left only one thing, public transport. So, bus it was. After considerable planning, I deduced that the No 31 East Craigs would get me close enough to zone MeadowBroom, out by the Corstorphine area and give me my first turfer unique, Ramble. From there it would be shank’s pony, i.e. walking, across to the Wester Hailes area to zone CalderCres, there to bag another turfer unique called shanks’s-pony. And that was everything in that side of town.

My next target a zone called RIPYouAnimal, held by turfer Artificial. It was the only one remaining of about a dozen that were there only a day or so ago. But being located in north Merchiston cemetery, some 3.5 miles away, no way was I going to use shank’s pony this time. Again, it was public transport to the rescue. I flashed my Saltirecard, the posh name for a bus pass, and jumped onto the No 35 Ocean Terminal and alighted at a bus stop only a few meters from the cemetery gates. That brought my turfer unique total so far to three.
My next targets were located to the east side of The Meadows and while I could have taken the bus, the No 2 for The Jewel, opted to walk this time. And of course, the rain started. It had been reasonably fair for most of the morning so far.

The zone I was heading for was called VictorVictor, found in the middle of The Meadows and held by turfer EdiExp. No panic to get this one as there were plenty of others in the area as well, so unlikely to lose them all to other turfers. Turfer Fezjivebunny was in the area but heading in another direction. No need to worry about losing the zones to him/her. Last turfer unique zone was not far away, a few minutes’ walk in the Newington area. The zone was FamilyStudent, held by turfer FlamingoPars.

And that was that, all 5 turfer uniques taken and added to the ever-growing TvT list, that’s Turfer Verses Turfer. All that took me 3.5 hours for only 5 turfer uniques. Yes, there were a few other takes but a lot of effort for only a few zones. Would have been much easier on the bike. Perhaps next time. And finally, the humble umbrella is a great invention, it keeps your top half dry, your spectacles dry and your mobile phone dry as well. Just not so good in horizontal driving rain and strong winds. Pity they are useless when riding a bike. Back soon.

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