Turf Blog 17-08-23

First of all, I have a confession to make. Forgive me for I have sinned, sort of. Well, not sinned as in leaving the lid off the toothpaste, or a dead tea bag in the sink, or even thinking about building another bicycle and other similar heinous and unforgivable household crimes. No, more a case of slightly-mild poetic license, or in the words of the online Cambridge Dictionary, “the act by a writer or poet of changing facts or rules to make a story or poem more interesting or effective.” I guess that’s means turf bloggers and amateur photographers like myself as well.

I’m referring to the image above. It was when passing the signs that I had the idea to change the direction arrow – it simply swivels around on a bolt – to appear as shown above. Thought it would make a good photograph for a “spot the error” on the Turf WhatsApp group. Hope you don’t mind. In fact, my little wheeze was almost my undoing. As I was walking back from the sign after changing it back to the original and correct orientation (and yes, the little mischievous boy in me did consider leaving it facing the wrong way) a car came along the road. Might have had some difficulty explaining and convincing them which way to go!

More good news on the turf medal front with the following medals now extended.

  • 20000 Unique and 30000 Unique
  • Take 250000 and Take-500000
  • Crowdy-233
  • Assist-15000, Assist-20000 and Assist-25000
  • Greed-400, Greed-500 and Greed-1000

Of course, you can never please everyone and it didn’t take long before some turfers started posting negative comments on turf social media. Main gripe is that the medal extension is aimed at the lucky few who can actually achieve them, the 1%.  I was going to reply but managed to restrain myself. What I would have said was something like, get over it! Medals are available for all to attempt or not attempt as you see fit. If you cannot go for the Greed-1000 because of the lack of zones near where you live, too bad. Go travel somewhere else and find some. Okay!

On the topic of medals, I’ve thought of another I’d like to see and that would be to extend the Daily-5 medal to include additional years, perhaps Daily-730 or Daily-1095 and so on. Looking forwards to seeing what new medals will be in the offing in the Autumn, around the time of the Scottish Turf Open Championship event in September.

And finally, for anyone out there who turfs on a fat bike, behold the new and improved, slimmed down from 17.60 kg to exactly 13.00 kg, single speed Surly Pugsley, with a very conservative, near invisible and even rather boring, custom paint job. Ogre on the left, Harley Quinn in the middle and Pugsley on the right. Back soon.

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