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Turf Zone – JustAPiered

Having spent an energetic morning turfing around North Berwick on the Harley Quinn single speed, I’d just finished an enjoyable packed lunch on the benches along the shore near the golf course. As I was getting ready to continue and grab those last four uniques, I espied a lady with a dog heading in my direction. She was smiling and had that certain look about her. The look of a turfer looking for another turfer. Know what I mean?

She had her mobile phone in hand, alternating glancing from phone to myself and heading in my direction. I ran the turf app and did not see any other turfers nearby, however, she approached closer and asked, “Are you, Gary?” Turns out she was turfer SnickerDoodle and had seen me earlier in the area. We chatted as turfers do when they meet. I always find it amazing that turfers meet and start chatting like they were old school friends, yet all they know about each other is from turf chat, etc. A nice part of being a turfer.

Turf Zone – LookAtTheLaw

It was a fine day for turfing, azure blue skies dotted with fluffy cotton wool clouds and a nice breeze to keep you cool. Today’s session was hunting unique zones, about 50 or so of them in and around the outskirts of North Berwick. I had an initial route plan but that was out the window when I arrived and spotted turfers CardiffSoulCrew and DoodleDad taking zones, so started hunting down the unique zones further to the east. The blocked zones in the town would be clear soon enough. I did not expect to hold these zones for long as local turfer Drylaw13* will no doubt take them during his regular nocturnal turfing sessions.

One zone, TantallonRest, located on Castle Hill, I thought would make a good spot for some fine turf photography. However, soon discovered I was unable to actually take the zone from the hill and had to return back down again. I should have paid more attention to the turf app! Had bother getting the take here for some reason.

Turf Zone – StonedPilgrim

Another zone, EastLothian, was left untaken. As I approached the area, I met a dog walker who commented that I should be careful as he had just been struck by a golf ball. Google maps shows a path to the zone but it does not appear very obvious on the ground. Seems odd to have a zone in such a dangerous location. I’ve logged it as an issue for the turf crews to look at. Might need to return when golf isn’t in play for this one.

My biggest challenge of the session was cycling up that bloody steep hill to zone BassView, up by the water tank. It was the only zone still unique for me around The Law. Of course, riding a 2:1 geared single speed I only managed as far as the entrance to the building site on the left. Walked the rest of the way. Mind you, walking was probably as quick as cycling even if I had gears!

Turf Zone – ForeRight

Missed out on only two zones from my list, EastLothian, the one on the golf course and, WaterYourFeet, as the tide was in. Both can wait for another day. I’m keeping WaterYourFeet for a return trip on the Surly Pugsley fat bike, once I finish the single speed conversion. Not sure how that work out on sand but should be fun! Yes, I have a strange idea what fun might entail!

North Berwick is a very pleasant place to turf, loads of zones in a wide variety of locations, from hill tops to sandy beaches. Quite surprised how many new houses have sprung up in recent years but pleased to see wide open grassy spaces and shared paths leading into the town centre. Lost count of the number of pointless spotless dirt-free 4×4’s sitting in driveways. Must be tough shopping at Tesco in North Berwick or driving to the tennis club. Then I see a Tesco delivery van dropping of the weekly shop. Guess what’s sitting idle in the driveway.  A brand spanking new Landrover Defender V8 that starts at £100k. Crazy when you think about it. So much for that theory!

A good session for uniques with over 50 bringing my total to 1914, but still miles away for that 2500 target medal. Still, a grand day out at the seaside and Harley Quinn enjoyed herself as well. She attracted quite a lot of attention in NB. One wee girl came across to me and said she likes my bike! Certainly gets people smiling. Or is that laughing? Back soon.

*by 4.15 am next morning, all NB zones lost to Drylaw13.

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