Morris Road, Newtongrange

I’d been out on my Swifty Zero kick scooter when I noticed this demolition site just off Morris Road, Newtongrange. The location was unusual in that there was easy access to the site where normally it would have been fenced off for security and safety. I could see there were bricks lying arund and I could not resist. A quick look about and it was obvious there were plenty of good brickmarks to be found. I determined to visit again later, this time armed with my brick spotting tools, gloves and camera.

A week later, I cycled up the the site and started looking for bricks, immediately finding a good selection. Most common were NIDDRIE and WHITEHILL, both made locally in large quantities and can therefor be found all over Midlothian and beyond. The partial brick is actually BATHVILLE. Not a bad collection for my first brick spotting foray and quite a good range of brickmarks for such a small location.

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