Turf Blog 03-03-23

Turf Zone – BrunstaneToo

I am a cyclist without a cycle today. I am a cycle less cyclist, in other words a pedestrian. Having stripped down the Surly Ogre to have the frame, forks and rear carrier powder-coated at Pentland Powder Coatings, I’m without a functional bicycle. Even the Surly Pugsley fat bike is out of commission, being partially dismantled as I intend to get the Pugsley’s frame, etc, powder-coated as well and don’t see the point of fully assembling it only to strip it down again. However, all is not lost as I still have three Swifty kick scooters to choose from. And today I will be using my favourite, the Swifty Air. (But don’t tell Swifty Zero or Swifty One I said that!).

Turf Zone – MonktonEscape

Yesterday, my plan for today was to scoot off down to Musselburgh and pick off an isolated unique I have outstanding, zone BrunstaneBurn. However, I logged onto the Turf web site this morning (after no less than 4 attempts, as is the norm for myself for some reason) and low-and-behold, it was showing as taken. Yet when I viewed the same zone on the Turf app, it showed as unique status. The status seems to vary between taken and unique depending on the method I’m using to view at the time. I suspect it’s gone a bit quantum and is playing silly buggers opting for status taken, status unique and probably an infinite range of whatever you might term something between taken and unique, all at the same time. Bloody unhelpful if you ask me.

Turf Zone – MusselShell

Anyway, I logged it as a Turf Issue and it was noticed that two zones had the same name, hence the strange goings-on. One of our local zone makers rectified the issue by renaming and relocating one of the offending zones. Which all means I still have a unique zone, now called BrunstaneToo, to take, which was just as well as I was already scooting down to Musselburgh as all this took place.

Turf Zone – StrollAway

I don’t normally look at my league placement, well, never more than in the passing. However, at the moment I’m League 5, Group 8, and sitting at the top of the bunch, with almost 30,000 points in the lead. With the next round starting this coming Sunday, I’m hopeful that I may actually move up into League 4, assuming that how it all works. So, for the next few days I need to keep taking those points and keep myself at the top. Will be interesting to see what happens.

Turf Zone – SurfNTurf

My trip down to Musselburgh gave me another 54 takes (but only one unique) and 3 1/5 hours on the kick scooter, which I can assure is very tiring. By the time I was scooting back for Bonnyrigg, my legs were feeling the worse for wear. Most noticeable today was the number of young people on e-scooters, whizzing about willy-nilly on both pavements and the road. Some of them oblivious of traffic or the highway code. One almost took out an elderly gent on the pavement at Tesco. They just don’t seem to have any idea how to behave. Or perhaps they just don’t care. Bye for now.

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