Turf Blog 08-04-21

When I built my first Surly Pugsley fat bike, over ten years ago now, when that’s what you had to do before they were available complete off-the-shelf, it attracted a lot of interest on beach rides along the East Lothian coast. And to make it easy to share information with people I created some cards with details of my blog at the time, Pugsley on Patrol, to hand out to people I met on my fat bike travels.

Today, I’m getting similar interest from people while out turfing – they often think I’m lost, which offers me the opportunity to tell them about Turf – and have created the simple business-type card you see above, to hand out to people. It should, with some luck, both increase awareness of Turf and bring a few new turfers on board and also drive people to my blog, Planet Gary. I found these quite effective previously with a few people even getting in touch later to say they had taken up fat biking and to offer their thanks.

I bought the cards online from Banana Print, though there are plenty others to choose from. The cards cost about £15.00 for 250 including VAT and delivery. I’m also going to carry a few drawing pins to pin them onto any notice boards, fence posts, anyone standing still long enough and so on, that I come across.

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