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Turf Date: 15.04.23 20:18:05

“We are Turf. Lower your defences and surrender yourself. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to the Game. Resistance is futile. Your existence will adapt to service the Game. You will be assimilated. We are Turf.”

Sorry, been watching Star Trek: Picard Season 3 and our heroes have just encountered the Borg and the Borg Queen. Great stuff and kind of reminds me how playing the Game of Turf gets hold of you. Resistance is futile. We have all been assimilated.

Anyway, it’s been another day of endlessly testing video resolutions, evaluating camera mounts and positions, trying different frames rates, resolving why wireless microphones stop working, sorting annoying rattles, forgetting to switch camera on before going for a ride and bodging, re-bodging and bodging again the front mount. One of those types of day. And all in the name of wanting to make more turfing videos.

Started off this morning with the GoPro Max 360-degree camera mounted on the front carrier, out for a quick spin around Bonnyrigg for a few zones and did get some great quality footage but was let down by the amount of wind noise. Most disappointing. Next my normal GoPro Hero 10 Black, again mounted on the revised front carrier mount. I’ve adjusted the struts to attach at the lower pannier rails on the front rack rather that using P-clamps on the top rails. I can now slacken or reposition a few bolts and pivot the whole assembly down out of sight when I want to use the chest mount.

Big issue today was that my Rode Wireless II microphone not working. It was driving me crazy but eventually found the issue, or rather, issues. First issue was that it would not work when the GoPro Max lens mode was attached. This is a supplementary lens that increases the angle of view. The second issue was that the GoPro itself had reverted to standard microphone mode, which means it would not detect the wireless microphone. Eventually found a setting and changed it to Powered Mic, not something I recall doing previously and it’s been working fine until recently. Now I have crystal clear audio and minimal wind noise. Sorted.

And the purpose to all this effort? Yes, more turfing videos. This time from the Surly Ogre bicycle. I’ve done turfing videos on foot with audio commentary. I’ve done a few time-lapse videos with background music using a chest mount and this is the next evolution of turfing videos. As I mentioned before, the plan is to have three GoPro cameras mounted on the bicycle. One on the front carrier as shown in this page, facing back to record the rider and also recording the audio commentary, another on the rear carrier facing to the rear and another one lower down on the front carrier facing ahead. The footage from all three cameras will then be edited into, hopefully, something interesting. Fingers crossed!

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