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An email popped into my mailbox the other day and it was very brief and to the point, it said, “What’s in all those bags on your Ogre bicycle?” That was all and this was not the first time I’ve answered emails with the same question. So rather than reply this time individually, I’ve decided to post a page here with all the juicy details.

Alpkit Drop Dear Handlebar Bag, 4 litres

This handy little bag gets a lot of use, almost on very ride. It takes all the smaller items that I want to keep within easy reach, such as mobile phone power pack, camera with spare batteries and spare media card, remote battery for bike light and so on. The mobile gets a home here during wet weather. It also has a few “Planet Gary” cards to hand out to anyone I can find who might be remotely interested, perhaps even if they’re not.

Surly Frame Bag, frame specific, Ogre (8 litres), Pugsley (10 litres)

The frame bag holds all the stuff that stays with the bike most of the time, including spare inner tube, tool kit and mini pump. It will also hold a water bottle, or two, and any removed clothing such as windproof jacket, leggings, gloves, caps or a light fleece. If I’m out filming, it’s long enough to carry my camera tripod. A small zipped side pocket is used as a secure place to carry keys and wallet.

The tool roll itself contains the following: set of Allen keys, chain link tool, tyre levers, puncture repair kit, Swiss Army “Hunter” knife, 6″ adjustable spanner, pliers, spare chain links and short length of chain, cotton rag, disposable gloves. Everything is wrapped up inside a canvas tool roll that once held a dissection kit when my wife Cathryn was studying micro-biology at university.

Topeak Rim Bag MTX Trunk Bag, 8 litres

The trunk bag gets used on the longer days out and is mostly used to carry a vacuum flask and packed lunch, along with spare clothing for rides in the hills, at night or in the colder months of the year, in fact any time of year when temperatures vary during the day. At night it contains the remote battery for the rear light. There is space as well for any removed clothing that will not fit inside the frame bag. A light set of waterproofs also have a permanent home in the trunk.

Overall I have about 20 litres of useable carrying capacity and I must say I find it much more comfortable to have the bike carry the load rather than me carrying everything in a rucksack on my back. All the above bags are held on the bike my Velcro straps and can be mounted and dismounted in only a few minutes. One point to note is that none of the above bags are totally waterproof, so the copious use of stuff sacks and polythene bags is recommended. Of course, unless you like soggy sandwiches?

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