Turf Video 25-02-23

Edinburgh again today, this time in Holyrood Park for more uniques. Decided to take the GoPro Hero 10 Black camera this time and make another turfing video blog as it’s been over two months since my last one. I’m using new editing software now as my previous freebie is now so frustrating to be unusable. It was called OpenShot and I managed to get to 36 minutes while editing then it refused to add any more clips to the timeline. That was 90 minutes of work wasted. Most annoying.

I’m now trying DaVinci Resolve 18, which is also free. It appears to have been used on some mainstream Hollywood productions such as Alien: Covenant, Jason Bourne and X-Men: Apocalypse and also TV series such as Westworld, Gotham and The Walking Dead. So, it should cope with my efforts at turfing videos. I’m guessing the free download does not come with all the fancy bells and whistles the above professional productions might require but should be more than adequate for my needs.

Bit of a steep learning curve using new software but overall not too bad if you’ve used video editing software previously. There were a couple of editing issues I had to resolve. One was working out how to rotate and zoom some clips and the other was how to replace some offending and annoying audio from the main track. It was only when I was editing that I realised just how many times I’ve been sniffing, snorting and even double snorting on the videos. Well, you do if you don’t have a hankie! These just had to go. You never hear the like on the telly, do you? In one clip, I was sniffing at a rate of 9 SPM*.

To do this I first unlinked the video and audio parts of the clip. If you don’t do that first you also copy and paste the video section, which you really don’t want to do. I then copied a suitable background audio section from the audio track and pasted this over the offending sniff or snort. Finally, I viewed the clip to check all was okay. So easy once you know how. A good tip is to make a new project first than practice on that rather than your main video project.

A few of you have commented about the background noise on my turf videos and have suggested I should reduce it somehow, even adding some background music. And yes, I could reduce it considerably, I think by reducing the gain level. However, I made the decision when I started doing these talking-to-camera videos that I wanted to share the whole experience, background noise and all. Okay, other than eliminating a considerable number of sniffles and snorts in this instance!

The final video was about an hour long and weighed in at a mighty 22 Gigabytes! The resolution for this was the default Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, so I ran the export again for HD at 1280 x 720 pixels, which is fine for YouTube. Ended up with a much smaller and more manageable clip about half that size or uploading. It’s still an hour long to feel free to fast-forward, though you might miss the best parts. Back soon.

To finish, and to satisfy some requests I’ve had for further details on the video and audio recording equipment I use, here you are:

  • GoPro Hero 10 Black camera
  • Rode Wireless II microphone set
  • GoPro 3-Way 2.0 selfie stick/tripod/grip
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 64 Gb media cards, x2
  • GoPro Rechargeable Batteries, x3
  • GoPro Media Mod

The above lists the main setup I use but I also carry a few other items that get used occasionally. More details on Turf Blog 26-08-22.

  • GoPro mini tripod
  • GoPro The Remote (control)
  • GoPro Max lens mod
  • Spare GoPro quick release mount

*Sniffs Per Minute.

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