Turf Blog 04-12-23

Turf Zone – Bonnyrigg

Well, that was fun! Overnight rain falling on frozen snow and ice, then the sky clears and everything freezes into a solid invisible sheet of black ice. And on top of that it is now raining heavily and is expected to do so for the remainder of the day. I made a spirited attempt at Task No. 4 – Turfabble, where you are required to take exactly 10 or 20 zones and collect exactly 200 or 400 Turfabble points where each letter in the zone name has the same points value as the letters found in the Scrabble board game, but even the Surly Pugsley fat bike was defeated on the sheet ice. Had he been equipped with a set of studded tyres I feel sure he would have managed fine. Managed to reach one zone but decided to call it a wrap. Tried walking as well but I would reckon there’s a 95% chance of falling on my arse or breaking a wrist. Just not worth the risk.

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