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Task No. 3, 3rd December 2023, and another task from the Turf Scotland Advent Calendar 2023 is now complete. This one was called Turf Trek and goes as follows:

Easy Option
Captains log, star date: 77387.4 The Romulan Empire has started to invade space protected by the Turf Federation. Your mission, as a member of Turf Fleet, which you have no choice but to accept, is to boldly turf where no turfer has turfed before and crew the USS Turfo into the Alpha Quadrant, there, to liberate at least 15 Neutral Zones.

You should only liberate Neutral Zones during the mission, visiting any other zones will result in you being arrested and court martialled. Phasers should be set to stun. Once your mission is over you may have some tea, Earl Grey, hot. Resistance is futile as you have already been assimilated.

Challenging Option
As Easy, but liberate at least 30 Neutral Zones.

This one was carefully timed to coincide with the start of a new Round of Turf, when all the zones are set to Neutral. Not much point otherwise, as few turfers would be able to find any Neutral zones at all. I had a plan this morning, to head out at 11.00 am precisely on the SS Surly Pugsley fat bike and liberate those 30 Neutral Zones from the Romulans, however, even the simplest of plans, even in Turf Fleet, sometimes get put aside when higher authorities decide on alternative missions.

Imagine you are a turfer living on the perfect Turf World. You would be fit and healthy, have a decent income, would not be required to work, and could do as you please whenever you please. Wouldn’t that be just amazing? However, I do not live on this imaginary Turf World and Captain ChoccyMuffin decided that we should walk to Rosewell for lunch together at The Steading. Wouldn’t it be nice go do something together, she said. Now, being a lowly Crewman Third Class in Turf Fleet, my reply was, of course, Captain, I would love to.

Anyway, to keep a long story short, we walked together to Rosewell, enjoyed a lovely lunch and walked back again. And also on the plus side, I did manage to liberate 26 zones from the Romulans, leaving only 4 to find later, which I did on the Pugsley fat bike. So, an easy task this one, at least for myself. And because I paid for the lunch, I’ve been promoted to Crewman Second Class. Whoopy-do! And finally, as I feel it’s very important to support the local economy, I simply had to purchase a humongous bar of Alpine Milk chocolate. Isn’t life good?

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