Turf Blog 20-06-24

Forgive me Father Turfo, for I have sinned. It has been 5 days since my last Turf Blog. These are my sins. I did not go turfing as much as I should have and could have. I scoffed two four-fingered Kit-Kats on the same day. I spent too much money kitting out my new turf bike than I should have. I went skinny dipping in Gladhouse Reservoir with Jenna Ortega* for zone GladOfASwim. Oops. Oh no I didn’t, that was only a dream. Okay, you never know!

Turf Zone – MineMuseum

Anyway, back in the real world. Picked off a few turfer uniques these past few days, including BuckBeak and TheBish, both locally here in around Bonnyrigg. Also popped into Edinburgh this morning for another. This one goes by the turf name, わかランナー, at least that what shows up. Google translates the Japanese as Waka Runner, but I know not how accurate that actually is. Turns out the turfer in question is Orinoko’s eldest daughter. The zone was BuyBridge on Regent Bridge, Waterloo Place.

Turf Zone – BuyBridge

And also in the real world, my ultimate turfing bike is just about complete. In the luggage department, I’ve added an Alpkit Toploader handlebar bag and this is complemented with a Possum half-frame bag, also from Alpkit. It was the only one I could find that fits the frame. This purchase was also a reason for my trip into Edinburgh this morning. Both create a storage capacity of around 6-litres, which should hopefully be enough for my needs all year round. Also added two bottle cages from Alpkit, one for the tool storage box and another for the water bottle. These are both side-loading, which makes it easier when you have a frame bag installed.

Turf Zone – BlowLoun

A good tip when using frame bags is to protect the frame itself with frame protection tape, though I prefer the original name, helicopter or Heli tape It was created to protect the leading edges of helicopter rotor blades. On the bike, without it, the straps will soon wear away the bike frame finish. When I say my ultimate turfing bike is just about complete, the final item is the Redshift Top Shelf handlebars which I hope will arrive soon. I think I’ve said that before? And finally, to answer a recently asked question. All photographs since October 2023 are taken with a Google Pixel 8 Pro mobile phone. Back soon.

*Yes, as Wednesday Addams.

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