Turf Blog 31-12-22

I checked my alethiometer this morning, and it predicted that my best option for laying waste to the Lethargy Leprechaun, snorting out the Sniffles Goblin, hibernating the Headache Hamster and evaporating the Spirit of Cannot-be-Bothered-ness, was to get my sorry lazy butt off the Ever-So-Comfy Chair, stop binge-watching Breaking Bad Season 5, grab the Swifty Air kick scooter and go turfing.

And that’s exactly what I did, kick scooted my way around Dalkeith and Eskbank. Most enjoyable it was too. Weather was cold but not too cold, damp but not raining and little wind to even notice. Lots of late shoppers though, busy pushing clinking trollies to the car, filled to the gunnels and more with bargain multi-packs of every conceivable type of brain cell destroying alcoholic drink, with the occasional fruit juice or bottle of fizzy lost in the sheer mass of soon to be consumed beverage. Not my thing I must say. I’ll be off to bed to dream about getting 60,000,000 points turfing.

Not a lot I can say about the zones in Dalkeith and Eskbank, been there before many a time and not much changes in this neck of the woods. But perhaps it’s just me that cannot think of anything? Maybe we should make all zones mobile. Have them move around a bit, just for fun and some added excitement. One day in the park, the next on the middle of the golf course, another day somewhere else. Perhaps one day.

So, at this time of year, the last day of 2022, I usually take a look back of what has gone before. Reminiscing some of the lows and the highs, the achievements and the good times had while turfing. But not this time. This time I’m going to look forward not back. New Year’s resolutions, let’s start with those. All be it probably totally pointless as I’ve yet to hear of anyone who actually kept by them for more than a few days. Myself included but one never knows.

To start I’ll make a few that I’m good at keeping. Not drinking alcohol or smoking pot should be easy enough as I don’t partake either of them. Getting more exercise should be easy enough, turfing will help with that. However, eating less chocolate will likely be impossible so I won’t list that one. Though might have a go anyway. So, my New Year’s resolutions for 2023 are:

  • go kick scooting.
  • go cycling.
  • go turfing every day.
  • go out more at night.
  • keep updating Planet Gary.
  • chill out, enjoy, relax.
  • simplify and minimalize.
  • eat less chocolate (Kit-Kats excluded).
  • find the ultimate Scone of Scones.

There, done, officially noted on Planet Gary for all to see. Hmm, I wonder how long these will last this year?

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