Turf Blog 04-05-23

In the video above, the GoPro Hero 10 Black camera is mounted on a selfie stick secured to the front carrier of the bike. And while it does the job just fine, there is one downside and that is it will show up in any other footage, for example, if using the chest mount or when placing the camera off-bike. Okay, it can be removed and stowed away in the frame bag but that is a rather fiddly and time-consuming exercise, more so if done repeatedly.

What I needed was something that was neater and smaller, yet still provided the same function, and could simply be lowered out of sight, rather than have to be removed entirely. This is what I’ve come up with. The front-carrier-rear-facing-selfie-turf-video-mount-folding-flat-version-Mk3. Eh!

First, I replaced the longer selfie pole with a short version of the same model, the Insta360 invisible selfie stick, the 70 cm version. I chose this because I already knew it would be secure in use and would also fit the P-clamp I’ve used. Next, I replaced the two aluminium stabilizing struts with two that articulate on the middle, this is to allow the mount to fold down flat on the carrier as shown below. The aluminium struts came from a step ladder I bought a few years ago. I was a bit over-enthusiastic when I bought a 3.50-meter fold-out step ladder and had to reduce the height by 700mm because it was unmanageable where I wanted to use it. At the P-clamp, I added some L-shape brackets, left-overs from some Old Man Mountain bicycle racks I have, to move the struts out to the side, this to allow the mechanism to fold down into the front carrier, as shown below.

Now, I just need to slacken the six bolts and fold it down. Simples. I also raised the ball-and-socket head a little with additional penny washers to allow easier access to the tightening knob. I’m rather pleased with this version. Still to test in the field but fingers crossed, should be fine. Final task, some black paint to make it less noticeable.

But no time to test out my new camera mount today as we, and by we, I refer to myself and Cathryn a.k.a. ChoccyMuffin, were off to Aberlady for lunch at Ducks Inn and also a spot of turfing in Aberlady itself and also out into the nature reserve. Arriving about an hour early we had plenty of time to grab the zones in Aberlady, all uniques for ChoccyMuffin. Then we had lunch, and what a lunch it was. First course the starter, bread and oil. Not my normal fare but enjoyed by Cathryn. Still not sure myself. Next the main course, battered haddock, tartare sauce, minted peas, salad & chips. Nice!

Then the dessert, not “desert” as I posted on the WhatsApp group, as in the Sahara or Gobi deserts. This was not just any old dessert, not even a Marks & Spencer over-priced dessert, this was a dessert made by turfer Colin a.k.a. CardiffSoulCrew, a master of his craft. I cannot begin to explain what all went into making this fine culinary creation but the term special mushroom dessert was mentioned along with a veritable plethora of flavours and exotic locally foraged ingredients including a fungus called jelly ear! It was truly amazing and made our day very special and personal. Cathryn’s, shown below, was also dairy free. Well done, Colin.

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