Turf Video 30-04-23

Another day another turf video blog. In fact, this one should have been yesterday but following some issues the entire video was filmed from scratch today. Having spent about an hour yesterday evening recording video footage around Newbattle Abbey, I was quite dismayed when, back home and sitting at the computer to view the clips, I noticed two annoying inclusions on most of the clips.

One was the zip pull on my jacket merrily swinging back and forth, in the process creating a very annoying knocking sound. The zip pull is right next to the microphone. The other was the red cable that links the GoPro to the wireless microphone receiver popping into view on tight turns. Both rendering the footage useless.

So, it was back around the same route today, this time making sure all was well, everything was working correctly and nothing could go wrong. Actually, wishful thinking as it turned out. I’d selected a setting with a 20 dB gain which means every little sound around the camera was recorded in full volume. Fortunately, I was able to lower the gain to normal levels and all was well. Got that one sorted for next time. All the best.

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