Micro Adventures

One of the keys to an exciting life is the adventure key, unlocking the front door, getting out into the Great Outdoors and having amazing adventures. However, what people sometimes don’t realise is that an adventure can be anything you want. It does not have to be kick scooting 1000 miles around Japan or travelling around the world in 80 days on a Swifty scooter. It can be a trip to the corner shop for a pint of milk, a scoot along the local cycleway or whatever takes your fancy. I like to refer to them as micro adventures.

The secret to a micro adventure is to have a goal or purpose in mind, a reason for doing your scoot. You need not go very far, or stay away for days at a time. It’s really all up to you. Do what you are comfortable with, can manage or can afford. My own micro adventures are usually based around a few hours out and about. Here are a few suggestions.

Trig Point Photo
The point of this micro adventure is to take a photograph of yourself with your scooter at a trig point. Now, if you don’t know, a trig point is one of those concrete pillars you see dotted around the countryside, usually, but not always, in high locations. They were used by the Ordnance Survey for mapping purposes in the past but are now mainly unused. There are thousands to choose from and there will be one near you somewhere. Most maps will show you where. Choose any one that takes your fancy, it might be in the local park or on the summit of Ben Nevis. It’s your adventure to make as easy or as challenging as you like. My own to-do list includes this challenge. I want to take a picture of myself standing on top of a trig point holding my Swifty scooter. Totally daft, I know, but would make a great photograph.

Brew with a View
This micro adventure involves taking you somewhere with a scenic view and making a brew.  Simple. The scenic view could be up in the hills, on a high cliff at the coast or anywhere you deem suitable. The important bit is having a great outlook. Again, getting to the location can be as easy or challenging as you want it to be. Mind you, it’s more of an adventure if some degree of difficulty is involved. Now for the brew part. The drink is your own choice, tea, coffee, hot chocolate or whatever. For added adventure value leave the thermos flask at home and bring a small stove to heat your water. Believe me, this method really does add to the experience as does sourcing your water on location. Take the usual precautions when heating water and using a stove outdoors. Best to avoid building open fires.

Summit to Sea
Nice simple micro adventure this one. All you need do is find a suitable hill near the coast, get yourself and your scooter to the summit, then scoot back down all the way to the sea, dipping your toe in the sea to complete the adventure. Or you could also do it the other way round, starting at the sea, then heading for the summit. There may even be a trig point as well (see Trig Point Photo above). I’m lucky living near Edinburgh, Scotland as I have some ideal hills for this micro adventure. Arthur’s Seat in the city centre is one with around 2 miles from the coast and North Berwick Law in East Lothian is just over a mile. Of course, the climb is not going to be easy but then that’s the whole point of adventure, isn’t it? Look for a suitable hill near your location.

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