Night Rides

As well as the usual day-time rides, I’m a keen enthusiast of night rides and not just during the warmer summer months but throughout the year and on this page, I want to share a few thoughts and hints and tips of the subject.

  • Buy lights – good quality, high power LED lights make all the difference.
  • Charging lights – always charge after use and be ready for the next scoot.
  • Clothing – multiple thin layers are more versatile than fewer thick ones.
  • Emergency – advise someone when they should report you missing.
  • Extra lights – always carry a second light as a backup spare.
  • Fit mudguards – easiest way to keep the dirt from your clothing.
  • Footwear – a sole with a good grip is essential in wet weather.
  • Gloves – good for grip, protection in falls and warmer hands.
  • Gravel – watch out when changing direction or encounters at speed.
  • Handlebar grips – Ergon GP1 grips are really, really comfortable.
  • Jingly bells – much easier to alert people to your presence, mostly.
  • Load carrying – it’s easier to carry stuff on the bike than on your back.
  • More lights – having two lights is much better than just having one.
  • Rear lights – attach to yourself, bag, pack or belt, to be seen from the rear.
  • Route – know and check it during the day and tell people your route.
  • Speed – be able to stop within the area to can see to be clear.
  • Times – let someone know your start time and expected return time.
  • Tools – always carry a few basic tools and spares, including inner tubes.
  • Tyre choice – big tyres for off-road trails, skinny tyres for roads and paths.
  • Tyre pressures – high for road speed, low for off-road comfort and grip.
  • Tyre sealant – put some in the inner tubes and help avoid punctures.
  • Water – don’t forget to carry fluids just because it’s during the night.
  • Wet leaves – always a hazard to look out for. Careful on bends at speed.
  • Wildlife – most wildlife comes out at night so keep an eye out for them.

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