Rear Lighting

With forward lighting already sorted out, I wanted to look at rear lighting, helping me to be seen from the rear. No need for research this time, as I already had a product in mind for the job from Adventure Lights. I use one of their Guardian Tag-It clip-on lights on my rucksack and bought a couple of their Expedition Lights, the red model, to mount on the Swifty Zero. Their specification is impressive: 20 grams weight, visible from 3 miles, flashing and steady modes, up to 250 hours use of two CR-2032 batteries and smaller than a match box.

To switch on the lights you simply turn the lens clockwise, or to the right, and they are on. Switching off is just as easy, a few turns of the lens to the left. The batteries are also worth a mention as they come in pairs, held together in a small package. To change from strobe mode to steady mode you simply unscrew the lens and reverse the battery pack.

The only problem was finding a rear-facing surface on the Swifty to mount them. I did consider fabricating a couple of brackets to mount at the rear wheel but thought this would look a bit untidy and also be vulnerable to damage. This problem was solved when I attached the Rixen and Kaul Vario Rack to the front of the scooter. After some trial and error with positioning, some plastic cable ties came to the rescue and we were sorted.

I really like the neatness of these tiny lights, so a few weeks later I added another pair of Adventure Lights, in blue this time, just for some added sparkle and fun. Again, attaching them with cable ties as mentioned above. Now with four rearward facing strobe lights, I should certainly get noticed. They are also available in amber, green and white. I’m very tempted to get more and complete the set.

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