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Swifty Scooters, of which I own both the Swifty Zero and the Swifty Air models have recently brought out a revised version of their electric kick scooter, available as Swifty Zero and Swifty Air versions and also as an electric conversion kit. And they come with an impressive specification.

Swifty electric scooters are kick assist and use 250W brushless hub motors along with a 36V lithium-ion battery, offering a range up to 25 miles using electric power alone or around 50 miles when riding kick assisted. Top speed on power alone is around 12.5 miles per hour. Of course, all this extra equipment adds to the weight, coming in at 14 kg compared to the standard Swifty at around 8 kg. A full charge takes 6 hours.

Now for the tough part, the cost. A standard Swifty Zero will set you back around £450 with the Swifty Zero electric version almost a grand more at £1400. That’s a chunk of cash by any standard. Okay, you do also get a few extras, such as front and rear lights, a set of mudguards and a stylish brass dome Swifty bell! That’s a lot of money for a kick scooter and the equivalent of no less than three standard muscle-powered Swifty Zero scooters.

So, what’s the point of an electric kick scooter? I can see the point of having a kick assist scooter, always useful when you encounter steep hills or if you have an injury, are unfit or have a disability, fair enough. But there’s a real BIG issue about using electric kick scooters and that is they are illegal to use just about everywhere, the only exception is on private land the landowner’s permission. You cannot ride them on the road, or on cycle paths, or on pavements. You risk a £300 fine and 6 penalty points on your driving license, if you do.

So, would I like to own a Swifty Air electric? The answer to that is no, not at the moment. I much prefer the exercise you get from a Swifty kick scooter and will keep riding my Swifty Zero and Swifty Air kick scooting as long as I’m able. Perhaps, when I’m older and find such activities too difficult would I then consider a kick-assist Swifty scooter and then only if the law changes and electric scooters become legal to use.

Above image courtesy of Swifty Scooters.

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