Scooting Challenges

While it can be fun just heading out on your kick scooter whenever you like and simply scooting wherever takes your fancy, having a few set challenges to tackle can add some adventure and fun to your rides. Here’s a few suggestions.

  • Beach Bum – take your scooter to the beach and go for it.
  • City Slicker – take your scooter to a city centre and explore.
  • Dusk to Dawn – take your scooter out over night.
  • Equinox Scoot – either autumn or spring, or both.
  • Five Miler – plan a five mile route and go for a scoot.
  • Forest Scoot – scoot the wild woods, watch for bears.
  • Full Moon – go for a scoot on the night of a full moon.
  • Munro Bagger – climb any Munro with your scooter.
  • Night Scoot – wait until darkness falls to go scooting.
  • Off-road Scoot – find an off-road route and go scooting.
  • One Hour – see how far you can scoot in 60 minutes.
  • One Miler – plan a one mile route and go for a scoot.
  • Snow Patrol – go for a scoot with snow falling or lying.
  • Solstice Scoot – either summer or winter, preferably both.
  • Storm Scoot – take your scooter out in really wild weather.
  • Summit to Sea – from the top of a hill to a toe in the sea.
  • Sunrise Scoot – go for a scoot and watch the sun rise.
  • Sunset Scoot – go for a scoot and watch the sun set.
  • Ten Miler – plan a ten mile route and go for a scoot.
  • Time Scoot – pick a distance, scoot again faster, and repeat.
  • Trig Pointing – find a trig point and take your scooter there.
  • Twenty Miler – yes, 20 miles, now you are talking. Go for it.

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