In the Selfies section, I want to take a look at one of my favourite photography topics, that of selfie photography, sharing a few thoughts on the subject, as well as some of the styles of selfie, the techniques used and the equipment in my camera bag.


  • About Selfies – a brief introduction on the topic of selfies.

Future Articles

  • 360 Degree Selfies – creating selfies with the Ricoh Theta V camera.
  • Beginners Guide – how to get started with selfie photography.
  • Camera Equipment – some useful hints and tips on selfie equipment.
  • Camera Lenses – thoughts on what camera lens to use for your selfies.
  • Camera Positions – low or high, above or below, anything goes.
  • Camera Settings – what settings to use when taking your selfie.
  • Distorted Selfies – always fun to search out something different.
  • Double Selfies – a single selfie is okay but two is far better.
  • Hand-held Selfies – the simplest and easiest way to take selfie.
  • Infinity Selfies – one of the more challenging selfies to create.
  • Interval Timers – how to use interval timers for your selfies.
  • Reflected Selfies – mirrors, windows and just about anything shiny.
  • Selfie Sticks – that important, telescopic, multi-use, pointy stick thing.
  • Self-Timers – how to use the self-timers for creating selfies.
  • Shadow Selfies – you can never out-run your own shadow.
  • Silhouette Selfies – using back-lighting to create more unusual selfies.
  • Triple Selfies – double selfies are easy, triple selfies are a challenge.


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