Urban Trails

One of the delights of being out and about on a kick scooter is the ability, quite legally as far as I can determine, to ride just about anywhere and in urban areas that opens up a whole range of different places where you can zoom along, going places faster than walking, increase your fitness levels, perhaps lose some weight and simply have fun.

Kick scooters are not restricted to certain areas as are bicycles, they can be ridden away from roads and cycle paths. So, where can I ride my kick scooter in urban areas? Well, there’s a simply principle I use when out exploring on the kick scooter, be it the Swifty Zero or the Swifty Air, and that is to keep a simple phrase in the front of your mind, that phrase is “Where does that go?”

In practise, you come across somewhere that looks like it may lead somewhere. It might be a dirt path through woodland, an alleyway leading off the High Street or even a gap in hedge and you ask yourself “Where does that go?” You then simply jump on your kick scooter and go find out.

Urban areas for full of interesting places to ride a kick scooter, so here’s a short list of suggestions:

  • public parks and gardens
  • footpaths
  • pavements
  • cycle paths
  • golf courses
  • woodland
  • lanes and alleyways
  • pedestrian areas
  • housing estates
  • old railway lines
  • canal tow paths
  • game trails
  • sports grounds

The above list is not exhaustive and there are many more. Just keep in mind that phrase I mentioned above, “Where does that go?” and see where it leads you.

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